Machine instability after CPU Upgrade

I recently upgraded my home built PC which houses an Asus P5wdh deluxe motherboard with 6gb of ram to an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 CPU. Ever since the upgrade the system gets a BSOD whenever I am using windows. I thought it was vista so I put windows 7 on, same problem. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this, I had to put back the old Core 2 E6400 processor to get some stability because of the excessive crashes. I kept all the defaults on the Motherboard
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  1. What specifications do you have in your pc?...maybe the PSU isn't enough
  2. What BIOS version are you using?

    V2901 (latest) fixes BSOD after installing Vista SP2 (may also affect Win7).
    X2801 supported new processors . . . etc.

    Either of those could fix your problem . . . if you are on an older BIOS.
  3. You need a bios update to use that CPU.

    ^^^^^^^^ Doh, beat me to it.
  4. +1 Yup update the BIOS.
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