RAID 0 System Drives Will Not Boot

I'm very concerned that I'm going to lose data...

Problem: I have a slightly complex HDD system:

1. System Drives are 2 SSDs (OCZ Vertex) in RAID 0
2. Adaptec RAID Card runs 4x Intel SSDs in RAID 10
3. 2 HDDs run in RAID 1

History: I had to move the machine and unplugged all the HDDs for security. When I plugged everything back in, I got the "DISK BOOT FAILURE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" message.

I then noticed the CMOS was set in IDE mode, and it recognized all the drives in question. I changed it to RAID mode.

Upon restart, the Intel Matrix Storage Manager recognized my System OS RAID 0 array, and noted it as "Normal and Bootable"

But the drives still do not boot the OS. In the CMOS, now changed to RAID mode, the drives are not listed anymore, but are included in the 'boot order priority' list, even though they are not shown under the 'basic CMOS settings' list.

(At this point I unplugged all the other drives except the system drives)

I'm not sure why this should be happening at all, seeing as I just took the drives out, moved everything, and plugged them back in, originally in the same configuration. (I did move the graphics card into an x16 slot, since it had been in an x8 by mistake before)

I'm speculating that the drives are being recognized, and the RAID array is still in the Intel Storage Manager's memory, but the system is not seeing the drives as one bootable disk, and thus won't boot them.

I would like to know:

1. Is my data still accessible (say through data recovery specialists, or myself) - I imagine it should be, since this seems to be a config issue.

2. More obviously, How can I get the machine to boot the RAID 0 system drives.

Many thanks in advance if anyone can provide some advice.
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  1. I'm aware of the issues surrounding RAID 0 as I've had them die before - what I'm wondering though is what exactly is wrong with my current setup, as it seems to be a boot configuration problem...

    I don't believe the drives have failed, and nothing indicates that they have.

    Are you suggesting that the software RAID configuration has been corrupted, and thus I cannot read the RAID drives anymore?

    I'm mainly interested in finding out what's wrong with my system...
  2. These forums vary from being fairly useless (this post) to extremely helpful (another post a few months ago)... It seems the low-hanging fruit questions (e.g. 'what is RAID?') get many replies, whereas more technical ones are obviously only answerable by a smaller subset of heavily inundated users... or at least that's my hypothesis...

    Regardless... I was able to correct this issue - If you use SSDs in RAID, you're probably more likely to have the controller "mess up" the RAID than you are to have the actual drives fail.

    This was the case for me - I used 'RAID Recovery for Windows' by Runtime Software. You have to buy the license after a preliminary RAID reassembly.

    Worked quite well, though I'm still unsure about what caused the array to be mis-recognized in the first place...
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