Which video card is recommend for empire total war?

I want no know which video card you need to play empire total war at max settings?
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  1. a nvidia geforce GTS 250 OC will be good?
  2. yep, more then enough
  3. I have exactly the same dude...

    Which VGA would you recomend me to play it at 2048x1152 at max. settings (including AA and AAF) ?

  4. this link may help you out

    I would assume a 4870 1GB or 4890 512mb would be able to handle it for that size LCD.
  5. and how will the nvidia geforce GTS 250 will play crysis?
  6. it will
  7. but in high, medium or max setting?
  8. Would a ATI Radeon HD 3200 work well for this Empire Total war, Im using a 2.10 GHz AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-80 Dual-Core Mobile Processor on my HP Pavilion tx2000 laptop, and I just want to know if this game will run smoothly or will glitch or not load at all with this setup.
  9. @ OP - u wanna play at max settings, but what resolution?
  10. First question, is my 9800 gt video card good enough to run on my 40inches lcd tv ??? Second question, what kind of power supply do i need to run my 9800 gt video card ???
  11. resolution 1920X1080 60Hz
  12. is a nvidea 240 gts good for playing empire total war on full performance
  13. but can you run empire total with the nvidea 250 gts on hig graphics
  14. Quote:
    but can you run empire total with the nvidea 250 gts on hig graphics

    you will be able to run empire total war on full with any thing above 9800 gt, yours is 2 steps ahead of the 9800 gt so yes you can run it at max settings. but depending on the size of your monitor, the resolution might not be the best.
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