Best CPU for Dell E520 Upgrade?

Hi all,
I have a Dell E520 with all stock components, this means a G965 motherboard and an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 processor.

I want to upgrade to the best possible processor for this motherboard. Can anyone advise which is the best one I can use?

Thanks guys!
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  1. I think it supports Core 2 Quad, but you might need to change the PSU.
    Check at Dell's website for CPU support.
  2. Get the latest BIOS and QX6800 SLACP is the best CPU. 8GB DDR2 800 RAM (low density). That and a single slot single fan GTX750 is the basic bolt on setup (a dual slot GPU will need the bracket cut in 1/2 to fit and sometimes trimming the cover a little.). Aftermarket PSUs fit. If you won't be overclocking any QX6800/6700, or Q6700 will work. D9729 is a bolt in heatpipe cooler. Look at the link in my sig. to see what a maxxed out E520 can do. If you click on the image there it will take you to the QX6800 rankings page.
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