Xeon Quad X3220 (2.40Ghz) or Intel Core 2 Quad 8200 (2.33Ghz)4 gaming

Hi guys...

I just wanna ask if what card is better for a gaming PC, the Xeon or the Core 2...I just wanna use the PC for gaming and i have no plans of making my PC into a server (anytime soon at least...)

People said Xeon is quite an overkill, but I want your guys' inputs.

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    It is, and not everything is designed to properly run on it. The Core 2 is more mainstream and thus enjoys better compatibility with applications, including games.
  2. k ty
  3. The X3220 is the same as the Q6600(1066FSB) is 65NM and has 8Meg Cache. The Q8200(1333FSB) is 45NM with 4Meg Cache.

    I have the X3350 It is the same as the Q9450.

    Look at the benchmarks between the Q6600 and the Q8200. Then you will know what one is better. Just because it is a Xeon does not make it a better overclocker or faster then the Q2Q equivalent.

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