Windows seven on HDD and RAID 0

Hello hello,first of all sorry for my bad english! I will try to make it simple...

I learn on the manual of the motherboard how to make a raid 0.That's ok.I a have windows seven on a 10.000 HDD and i want to make a raid 0 of the two another HDD (5.400 + 7.200) and i'm asking a question :

In the manual it's say that i need to set the bios SATA on RAID. Ok,i do it, and after creating the RAID 0 i need to set back the bios SATA on SATA or i let it on RAID ? If it remain on RAID my 10.000 HDD with windows seven will boot with seven ??? Or i need the install seven again on the 10.000 (because the SATA bios is it on RAID and not on SATA !)

Thx a lot for your help and i hope your understand my quesstion
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  1. ploop

    You will need to leave the SATA controller set to RAID mode in BIOS in order to see the Raid array.

    Unfortunately, if you installed Windows before you set the controller to Raid mode, there is a fair chance that the system won't boot. Some controllers are nice about this, some want Windows installed in the same mode in which you are running. If you are stuck in the second case, I would do a reinstall, but there may be someone on the forum who knows a better way than I do.
  2. You'r right! Seven crash when it boot on RAID. So i reinstall it on RAID mode and it's work like a charm...

    (i didn't see much better speed with the raid0 so wait & see ^^ )

    Thx for your answer
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