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Hey Guys,

Need some advice, been thinking of getting an SSD for a while now, (Corsair CMFSSD-64D1 , 64Gb Extreme Series) that one in particular. At the moment I cannot afford to get two but will be able to add a second one in two months or so. So my question is will I see a performance boost over my 2x WD 1TB Caviar Black's in Raid 0? I intend to run the SSD in one of the following way's: 1. As a game drive to decrease load times (Should it be significantly faster than my current Raid setup). 2. As my boot drive (This option has got me in a conundrum as if i set it up this way i will obviously want to have many of the apps I use installed to the drive to take full advantage of its performance, and I am concerned about capacity).

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

My Rig:

- Asus Rampage 2
- Intel i7 950 @ 4 Ghz
- 6x Corsair 2g Dominator 1333 (1600 Mhz) P.S. - I know this can be O.C'd way more but performance difference is so minimal i didn't even bother.
- 2x WD 1 TB Caviar Black's
- 2x Amd 5870's

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  1. SSD would give you faster access time vs your RAID 0 array, but you may not see a big increase in data transfer rate. So random stuff would be better, load times might not be that different.

    I'd hold out for a larger SSD myself, 64GB with a lot of games (even w/software installed on your other drive) can start filling up fairly quickly.
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