480 watt good enough for 4770?

hey guys, ok so i have this psu http://www.xoxide.com/casegears-black-steel-480w.html, will it be enough for a 4770 or maybe a 4830/4850 and if not whats the best graphics card i can get with this power supply. also i have athlonx2 6000+ . thanks!
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  1. It doesn't have a 6pin pcei connector so you would need an adapter, but it should power up to a 4850.
  2. is the 18 amps 12v rail fine for it?
  3. should be fine for 4830. or 4770 but you would need a 500 for a 4850 and a 550 or more for 4870 :D
  4. but will the 18 amps 12v rail be enough for the cards?
  5. It should be enough.
  6. I use acbel 420 pure for ny graphic engine.. xfx 4870 xxx
    and guess what.. it's work
  7. somehow i still think it wont work..
  8. Its enough, a 4770 is newer and uses less power, just above the PCIe slot power therefore requireing a PCIe power plug, like invisik said it *should* power up to a 4850.
  9. alright thanks guys
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