How do I know what kind of case fans to get for new build?

My build is:

core i7 920
asus p6t deluxe v2
evga geforce gtx 285
corsair tx 750w
g skill 6gb ddr3 1600
2 wd caviar black hdds 640gb
LG Black 22X 2MB Cache SATA 22X DVD±R DVD Burner
noctua nh-u12p se heatsink/fan for cpu

With the p183, I know there's 2 tri-cool fans included, but I definitely want to replace the top exahust fan with another 120mm fan and I want to get 2 120mm fans for the intakes, all of these being as quiet as possible and controllable.

What do I need to look at, to know what kind of fans and connectors I need? I don't anything about the connectors associated with the motherboard and powersupply, etc.

How do I find out if I can get 25mm depth fans for the front intakes or do I use 15mm? I want to be able to control the intake fans, if I can. What do I need to look for in order to do this? Do I check the motherboard or case info? I'll be glad when I am not new at this stuff anymore, heh.

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  1. Have a look at for information on fans and what they can do .

    Theres a review of the p183 on the home page . There should be information on the fan sizes on the antec website too
  2. Thanks. The review of the p183 did not talk about the *depth* of the fans other than the tricool fans. The information covered about fans in general on the silentpcreview is overwhelming and kind of old (2006). I still don't know what I am looking for, for my particular set up.

    Are far as *current* connector types, what are they? Where do I find this information?

    I understand there is the connector to the power supply or the connector to the motherboard. On the motherboard, are there different kind of connector types? What is a PWM connector? I know what name means, but what am I looking for as far as the connector type?

    I need connector type information and fan controller information, but I don't know what to search for. Everyone in the forums talk about this stuff, but there is never a step by step or overview guide of connectors and controllers and what they all mean. Help with this would be great.
  3. There really are only 3 different connectors. The first one is the 4 pin CPU cooler connector, the 4th wire being for a PWM speed controlled fan like the stock cooler. The second is a 3 pin motherboard connector (my personal choice), many aftermarket fans come with this type of connector and the speed can be controlled by the motherboard tempuratures. The last type is the 4 pin molex connector which can connect to any molex connector coming out of your PSU. The thing you need to be careful of with those is if you choose to daisy chain anything else onto it. Several PSU's (especially Antec) have fan only molex connectors which only have 2 wires running to them. If you want to run a fan in series with other components you need to make sure that the fan adapter has 4 wires.
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