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I've decided to build a computer and am having trouble choosing which memory to buy. These are the ones I'm trying to decide on.

I'm not sure whether it'd be more beneficial to go with the memory that has lower timings or the memory that has higher speed.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to include them. I don't HAVE to buy G.Skill memory, they just seemed to provide "the most bang for my buck."

Edit: I accidentally typed higher timings instead of lower timings. That wouldn't make much sense :P
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    It will be easier for people to help if you edit your first post. First thing to do is fix the links so they work. People will be more helpful if you make it easier on them to see the RAM you are asking about. Then provide some additional information. Questions to answer: What are you going to be using this machine for? What are the other components you've picked out - in particular motherboard and CPU? Do you plan on overclocking and are you comfortable playing around in the BIOS?

    You've picked out some top-end RAM, there may not be any reason to go with some of these top end models. But without knowing your needs it is hard to say. And you will have to OC your RAM/change BIOS to get the RAM to run at these speeds. There is a balance between latency and speed. I suggest reading these 2 articles:,2325.html

    The articles were written about the 1366 chipset, the P55 chipset / Lynnfield CPUs are just too new to have similar articles written. Toms did just put out an article on 'value RAM' that you may also find helpful:,2462.html

    The differences between each step up in RAM is often marginally noticeable, and outside of a benchmark it is difficult to say whether or not you would even notice the difference. And yet the cost difference adds up fast. The best RAM advice I got from these forums was buy the best RAM that fits your budget, if you find yourself stretching things just to get 'better' RAM that's probably money better spent on other components.
  3. Thank you for the tips, and I apologize for the inadequate information. As for the links, I guess I didn't understand how to use it; my bad.

    Anyway, over the past few days I've narrowed it down to these two:


    CPU: i5
    Motherboard: ASUS Maximus III Formula
    Video: EVGA GeForce GTX 260

    The computer in question will mostly be used for multi-tasking; I might get into gaming since I will probably have adequate equipment to do so.
    I do plan on overclocking and will be comfortable using the BIOS.


    Both sets of RAM cost the same, so with that variable out of the question, which would be the better buy? Lower clock timings or higher speed? Has anyone had experience overclocking either of these sets of RAM? Which one overclocks easier? Etc.

    I have not yet read the articles; I just wanted to get a reply out. I will edit this post with any additional information once I have read the articles.
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