SM Bus Controller / PNP Device ID/ PCI\VEN_1002%DEV_4372&SUBSYS_1B341

I found this in my System Information files There are no SM Bus Controll drivers found when I run a driver up date rom windows driver update. How can I re-configure the SM bus Controll Or Down load the proper drivers for it? :o

SM Bus Controller / PNP Device ID/ PCI\VEN_1002%DEV_4372&SUBSYS_1B341019&REV_83\3&61AAA01&0&A0 / Error code/ This Device is not configured correctly
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  1. it would be great if you would provide us with the model of your motherboard.
  2. I used the vendor and device IDs you provided.
    Which i got from here:

    You can Ctrl-F your device ID 0x4372 and it will bring you to the link I provided.

    Chip Number: IXP SB400
    Chip Description: SMBus Controller
  3. VEN_1002 ATI Technologies Inc. / Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    DEV_4372 SMBus Controller 0x1002 ATI Technologies Inc. / Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

    It's in the folder named "ATI" in the root of your system drive. Expand that folder and find the SMBUS folder.
    When you are in device manager, "Update" the driver and search in a specific location, and browse to this folder. The "OK" will activate, and the driver will load after clicking Ok.

    If you don't have an ATI folder in the root of the system drive, then you haven't installed your chipset drivers.

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