Something confuse about TMPIN0 & TMPIN2 in HWMonitor

Hi good day every one . Here is some not so serious but confusing issue (at least to me) need some proper explanation .

HW Monitor result for my system with stock setting .
click to enlarge

Am running Phenom x3 8650 2.3Ghz (Stock Cooler) with MSI K9A2 CF-F motherboard with 2 x KVR800D2N5/2G . So that's what i get in Hwmonitor . One thing i need to know about is TMPIN0 & TMPIN2 that show in HWmonitor . What is that ? some say TMPIN0 is temperature inside computer but many say its CPU temperature but if TMPIN0 is CPU temperature then what's that all about for those core #0 #1 #2 temperature ? (please refer to the attached picture that i mark A/B/C) :D . Some say those temperature show in core #0 #1 #2 is false value (the circle i mark C in the picture) , the TMPIN0 is the true CPU temperature . So what now ? :D

That's all i hope to find out for now and thanx for any one who care & help on this .
And sorry for my silly English :D
Good Health . Good Wealth .
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  1. Shouldn't this info be available through HW Monitor's help file or manual?
  2. There are individual sensors on die for each core of your CPU, and another on the MOBO for overall CPU Temp. You should generally have 3 temps reported by your mobo, ambient case temp, northbridge temp, and CPU temp.
  3. bluecat68 said:
    One thing i need to know about is TMPIN0 & TMPIN2 that show in HWmonitor.
    What these temperatures are depend on what's wired into the associated chipset inputs on the motherboard. It can vary from motherboard to motherboard, so you won't be able to find out using HWMonitor documentation. The best place to ask is a forum that specializes in your particular motherboard.
  4. so i guess core #0 #1 #2 is the correct CPU temperature . TMPIN0 is the Northbridge temperature & TMPIN2 is the
    case temperature ya ..
    thanx for all the reply .
    Good health . good wealth . :D
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