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I've been struggling with finicky USB ports & camera card slot for a couple of months now with my 4 month old Acer Aspire 8730G. Probably 50% or more of the time, plugging in a usb device (doesn't matter what) completely freezes the system. None of these devices consistently cause the system to freeze, in other words, they all work occasionally on this machine and I have never had issues with any of these devices on other pcs. The BIOS I have installed is the latest from ACER's support / downloads site, I believe it's from Jan. '09.

I was unable to uninstall any of the existing USB devices from device manager for several days, I even left one 'uninstalling' overnight which resulted in an endless looping progress bar. I finally manged to uninstall all USB devices by booting in safe mode. I also took some advice I found online and enabled 'show hidden devices' which displayed several additional USB devices under 'other devices' but I was unable to uninstall any of them before they disappeared again (?) and I could not get them to reappear by disabling & re-enabling 'show hidden devices'.

Anyhow, as I mentioned, I have manged to uninstall all visible USB devices several times. However, I have used maybe a maximum of 7-8 USB devices with this pc but there are approximately 20+ USB devices to uninstall. Also, all USB devices reappear under USB devices in device manager after being uninstalled when I reboot (I have been through this process 2-3 times).

The first device I've tried since uninstalling all USB devices seemed to function properly and did not cause any freezing issues (Logitech Bluetooth mini-receiver for mouse & keyboard) but I'm concerned about the long list of USB devices listed in device manager even though I've only actually plugged in one since uninstalling them all. I also noticed that sometimes uninstalling one of the devices listed causes 2-3 additional devices to disappear from the list as well.

Finally, very few of the USB devices listed give a description of the device, the list goes something like this (from memory so some wording might be wrong):

- USB Host Controller
- USB device 2929
- USB device 2930
- USB device 2931
- etc. (7-8 of these numbered devices total)
- Realtek 2.0 Card
- USB Root Hub (anywhere from 2 to 7-8 of these listed, amount changes each time I uninstall all USB devices and reboot)

So I guess my question is, is there a way to fully uninstall all USB devices so they don't all automatically reappear without having even plugged in any of the devices listed and so that only USB devices I actually connect to the PC appear in the list?

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  1. You don't mention which operating system your using but, when you enter device manager and select the offending item right click then select properties, driver. You will see the last item is uninstall (advanced) this little gem will uninstall all the old bin files and backups which the system finds on reboot. This is suppose to get rid of the systems ability to reinstall these devices until you reinstall them.
  2. Thanks. I've only been going as far as to right click -> uninstall each item under USB Devices in Device Manager. From what you've described, it sounds like the uninstall (advanced) tool found in the properties of each USB device will more fully remove the USB devices rather than just removing the item from device manager while leaving all the bin files and backups stored somewhere on the system. Is this correct or does the uninstall (advanced) feature you've described accomplish exactly the same thing as simply right clicking on a USB device and selecting uninstall? I'm running Windows 7 64 Bit RC 7100 (waiting for my retail version to arrive).
  3. No it is suppose to remove the old files as well as the systems ability to track back to stored versions. It is different, you should notice a warning when you try it which you didn't see before.
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