My first post; My first build!

Greetings Tom's Hardware Forum enthusiasts!

I am ordering parts, and am about to start a build for a gaming computer.
So far, I have these parts (either ordered, or in hand):

Processor: i7 920
Motherboard: ASUS P6T Intel X58
RAM: 6GB DDR3 (2GB x3)
Video Card: EVGA 9800GTX+
HD: Western Digital 640GB
Cooler: CoolerMaster Hyper N 520
Case: Antec CoolerMaster 690

So here's the question:

Power Supply!

I have available to me, at a discount ($75) a used Antec Trio 550w.
Now, I've heard incredible things about this PS, but I'm nervous that it won't cut it.

I was hoping that forum members could post recommendations for Power Supplies they recommend that fit this build.

My budget is $150.

Thank you!
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  1. That's not a real good price. This 650w corsair is $79 after rebate and is more than enough to power any single card you put in your system. By the way, if you're building a gaming pc, you may want to upgrade that video card a little. The 4870 is a good priced card. The difference b/t the psu price and your budget should allow the video card upgrade if you so choose.
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