Can't save to ssd. What do I have messed up?

I just built my first computer with a 1tb hdd and a 80 gb ssd. I just ran a power and sata cable to each from the motherboard. Asus p8p67pro, i5 2500k, windows 7 os.

The ssd shows up in device manager, but not as a drive that I can download to. In disk management there is the c drive (1tb hdd), the d drive, and one labeled system reserved with no letter designation.

I can save and run from the hdd fine, but can't find the ssd to save to.

BIOS shows the HDDtb in sata6g_1 (gray), and the ssd in sata 6g_2 (gray), at the top ACHI mode is on.

Is there something i missed that i need to do in the bios? Is the system reserved the ssd? What else do i need to do?

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  1. You need to activate the drive and then format. Go back to the device manager and do it. I haven't done it in win7 so I can't give you step by step instructions. Right click?
  2. Did you want the SSD to be the boot drive? You should be able to install from the win install disk onto it.

    as far as partition/format, from windows right click on my computer, manage, disk management. You should be able to see the drive there, right click on it & partition, then format
  3. I ended up moving the ssd to another port and reloading windows.

    Now the ssd shows up as drive E, is named "system reserved", and will not allow anything to be downloaded to it as there is no room on it. It does allow me to format it and there is nothing on it.

    Any ideas?
  4. Have you done any of the steps we've suggested? I don't see where we said move the SATA port or reload windows.
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