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I have a ze4560us laptop that cannot find the OS at boot-up. I tried loading the disk from the DVD drive but it loads all the executive files up to the NTFS file system and stops. It does not report an error, it just hangs at loading NTFS. I replaced the HDD and same result. The BIOS incorrectly identifies the new HDD but it does see it. I did increase from a 40GB drive to a 320GB drive, but no difference. Any ideas?
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  1. It might be a bad hard drive controller, but it is hard to say without more details.
  2. I'll try getting the computer back from the "techie" that said he could fix it and will carefully chronicle the sequence of events. The HDD test did not reveal any problems in the setup screen, but I'll post more info as soon as I am able. Thanks.
  3. Update: The memory failed. I replaced it and it is working just fine. It had been down for about 10 months, so it is catching up on current events with Microsoft, McAfee, Adobe, etc. I should be able to use it in about a week!
  4. Glad to hear you are making progress.
  5. Thanks for your time.
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