OCZ Vertex 2 120GB

Hi, I just built a new system running Windows 7 64bit and I cannot reach the specs of Read: up to 285Mb/s and Write: up to 275MB/s
My specs are below
Gigabyte H67A-UD3H
Intel Core I5 2400s
OCZ Vertex 2 Sata 2 3.5" SSD 120GB
Patriot 8GB @1333MHZ
Integrated Video for now at least

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank You.
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  1. How did you benchmark? What scores/results did you get?
  2. do you have it set to ahci in bios?
  3. and what ahci driver are you using, is msoft ahci, or intel ahci
  4. I used benh 32, Yes it is set to achi in the bios, and I don't know I used all the drivers that came with the gigabyte motherboard cd.
    Here are my results below

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  5. Hi guys, sorry, I don't have much input. I just purchased the same drive so I'll be following this carefully and try to learn something along the way.

    AHCI mode is set from bios, right? and(I'm sure the answer is coming, but...)
    would it make a big difference which drivers being used, vendor or intel?

  6. Yes ACHI mode is set in bios, That's about all I know. I'm new to ssd's
  7. Try downloading AS SSD benchmark. Run the program and it will display the driver used (should be iaStor, not msahci) and it will display alignment info and a OK if correct. Do not need to run the benchmarking to get info, just open program.

    In addition to the RST matrix driver which is what LoardContrad identified (I think), you may also need to down load the F6 driver (use correct version, 32 bit or 64 bit).
    I had to do a re-install to get the correct ahci driver to load. If this is the case then you have to do a custom install. On the page where you select which partition to install to there is a little check box (lower left) that needs to be checked, then broose to thumbdrive where you copied the "F6" driver to.

    PS Tried googling, but intel website appears screwed up!
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