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Hello everyone!

So here's my problem: I bought a Samsung F4 2 TB drive on Monday to use for storing data. I took it home, formated it and moved some stuff off my 1 TB WD. Sometimes (but not always) when I try to open a large folder or a large file (e.g. HD video) it freezes for 2-3 seconds, makes the click of death and then starts working. I put my Hiren's boot cd in and run the Samsung test. It made the same noise during the spin-up/spin-down test but passed it.

The next day I take it back to the shop, the guy who handles the warranty claims asks me straight away what chipset I have (P35) and says that's probably the cause because he's had loads of people coming in with the same problem on the ICH9 controller and 2 TB drives. He runs the same test as I did, the drives passes it and, of course, I can't hear a single chirp out of it. The guy says that under the circumstances he can't replace the drive because there's nothing obviously wrong with it and he suggests that I either use the Jmicron controller (which I only have on eSATA) or I update the BIOS to make the ICH9 run 2 TB drives properly (the mobo is an Abit, so that's pointless) or that I run the test over and over until it fails and I take a pic of the screen (no, really).

Now, I'm not a hardware expert, but I'm not a noob either. I did my share of research before buying the HDD and at no point did I read anything about compatibility issues between the ICH9R and 2 TB drives (except > 2 TB, but that's not the case, since the two drives aren't on RAID). Do I smell BS here? I mean even if there were compatibility problems, they would be in the shape of the drive not showing up, or showing up as smaller, or having reduced performance, not as an imminent mechanical failure.

Any ideas?
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  1. Unfortunately, unlesss it's an obvious mechanical problem or the drive is showing SMART errors, they probably won't accept an RMA. I haven't heard of any problems with the P35 chipset, but you may want to check for newer drivers.
  2. Well, the only P35 drivers I could find were for RAID and I don't think they will improve the situation in any way.
  3. I heard there were problems with the F4 and AHCI

    maybe this helps

  4. Thanks, I'll give it a try.
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