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I'm attempting to hook my surround sound into my xtremegamer sound card. However, i don't have the correct cables to do the hook up so i need to know what I should order to be able to hook it up.

This is the surround sound system I have:

And this is the sound card i have:

I'm guessing the only way to hook it up is to run a cable from the dvd to player to my computer. But it would be optimal to bypass the dvd player because I honestly just want to use the speakers with my computer. What cable do i need to get to have full surround sound from my computer to these speakers?

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  1. Well, you're best option for such a setup is typically a digital connection...I assume the the so called "fexijack" could be used as coaxial out? Really, the only option seems to be hooking the extremgamer up via coaxial to you're sourround system.

    You probably need to buy this:
  2. That looks like a possible solution. However, i read this in one of the reviews of the product on amazon:
    After doing a lot of research, and spending over an hour trying to connect this device to a new Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer card, I discovered on Creative's knowledge base that these two devices are not compatible. However, Creative doesn't disclose this anywhere - but strangely the device is compatible with Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer "Pro" card.

    I have an xtremegamer card not the pro xtremegamer, and from this users experience it sounds like it won't work. Plus reading through all the other reviews it seems everyone had problems with it.

    Any other suggestions?

  3. ...unless the flexijack can be used as some form of digital out, i think you are out of luck. You need coaxial as you're output, although other forms of digital out (SPDIF) can be converted easily enough (the signals the same between the two; the plug is the only difference).

    Unfortunatly, I don't know what the fexijack can output as; anyone with the card care to elaborate?
  4. I would be grateful for any other suggestions, i've had this surround sound for a while and been un able to use it, i don't want it to go to waste.
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