Which one would you choose????

I am a newbie to gaming on PC but will use this for gaming and watching films and streaming mediat the msi is £15 cheaper then the other two i have been told sideport memory is nice and i know the MSI does not have this, which one would you guys choose. Processor is the new athlon x3 435

Asrock m34875gmh 128m ddr3

Sapphire PI-AM3RS785G PURE 785G AM3 Motherboard

MSI 785GM-E51, AMD 785G, AM3

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  1. From what I recall Sapphire doesn't make motherboards this is actually, guessing foxconn?
    They make great video cards though.
    newegg.com has excellent reviews for your specific applications made by users, you can select the board and read the reviews and make an educated decision.
  2. Depending on what games you will be playing and what resolution your monitor is, onboard video may be inadequite. What monitor resolution, what operating system and what games are you wanting to be able to play?
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