Corsair H50 / 2 GT 1850 fans / I5 750 Temps

Hello fellow Watercoolers
Just wondering if the temps for my i5 are ok, they seem way to high for a h50 cooler with only 1.28 Vcore.

Vcore 1.280V
VTT 1.23V
Cpu PLL 1.88V

Motherboard: Gigabyte ga-p55-ud3r
Chassi: Antec 1200, 120mm fans on high, top fan on low
Cpu: I5 750 171x21 3591mhz
Cooler: H50 in lower rear 120mm mount with P&P blowing out air on the back. Gt's at ~1780rpm, pump running at 14024-1440 rpm.
Thermal Paste: AS5, single thin line following artics guide for quad I5's

Full load - LinX 4 threads/3060Mb ram 70-72C
Vcore full load 1.280 CPUZ

22-24C (ambient room temperature is around 21/22)
Vcore idle 0.992 CPUZ
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  1. ~1.0ghz overclock?

    Not as sure on the voltages for your chip...70+ C is somewhat normal for the newer i-series or old Core series?

    FYI- H50 isn't that strong of a cooler, but you do have it in push/pull which helps it. Might need some others to weigh in on the OC of that chip.

    What load temps do you see at stock speeds?
  2. Look's like (but not too sure) he's got GT's in push-pull already.

    While not ground breaking, ~72C on a linpack run isn't bad at all IMO.
  3. Right...I'd consider it average. Decent temps for what is expected, so nothing to worry about.

    I know the new 2600k chips are more powerful per clock cycle, so overclocking them to extreme speeds isn't necessary for most applications, but as far as simply overclocking for the fun and sheer performance gains...I approve.
  4. Stock 48-50c / 1.108 vcore

    Seems tom has tested the H50 with a I7 920 and 1.36 vcore and they got mutch lower temps then i have.
    And the I7 should run hotter then a i5.,review-31974-6.html
  5. In general, clock for clock, the i7 should out perform and out heat the i5's simply due to architecture and purpose. While both are excellent performing lines of chips; the i7's are designed for high-end computing and the i5's are more mainstream and upper mainstream.
  6. Yes, my point is that the i7 is running Cooler then my i5 and the i7 is getting more vcore/running at higer speeds even with the stock fan in that test it outpreforms my i5/h50 with gt fans.

    edit. oh wait no, i misread it. However its running about the same temps as i do overclocked, but with a vcore of 1.36 instead of 1.28
  7. Might try bumping your vcore down and see where your stability is. Lower voltages and stability are better vs. higher voltages and stability.
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