Need Abit AN-52 Startup Disk

I built my computer 3 years ago and It's time for a fresh Format and Install of Windows.

However I cannot find (I lost) my AN-52 Startup disk for my Motherboard.

Does anyone know where I can download one?

I checked ABITs website and they have some drivers and utilities but it doesn't look like they have any straight "Startup Disk" downloads.

Can anyone help me? Or direct me what to download and burn to a CD in order for me to have a Abit AN-52 Startup disk?

EDIT: I Emailed Abit Technical support... I doubt that will lead anywhere. Just an FYI.
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  1. Is this a reliable site to get the drivers from?
  2. What startup disk are you talking about?

    I haven't needed a "startup disk" since Windows 98. XP, Vista and Windows 7 should have everything you need.

    If it's drivers you are talking about, then you should get these from the Manufacturer sites after installing Windows anyway.

    If I knew more I could help.

    Normally, when installing XP or after you just boot with the CD, then press any key when prompted to start installing Windows.
  3. Well when I got the Motherboard 3 years ago it came with a disk with some drivers on it so I could use the onboard ethernet and whatnot.

    Without that disk with those drivers I cannot get online to update windows or install the drivers for the rest of my system's hardware.

    Do I just download those off the ABIT website and burn them to a disk?
    Then after installing Windows install the drivers?

    There is no place where I can just download "AN-52 Startup Disk"?

    Thanks for your help.
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