Can open but have to install games to play them on my second hdd.

I yust got my Corsair F120 HDD. I yust installed it but now my storage drive is messing with me, (1 TB WD)
Basicly i can open the drive, see all the programs and open them, but it says error and none are installed, is there anyway i can start reading from my second hdd? or do i have to defragg and reinstall all?
all tips and suggestions are welcome
no advice is to stupid
best regards
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  1. meh, yust defragged the hdd, it says its empty but when i search in start it still says that there are files there, when i try to open them they say they dont exist, anyway to realy get rid of them?
  2. F120 SSD I think you mean

    You will have to reinstall all your drivers and great majority of games and programs to make them work again
  3. XD yeah SSD, defragged running a redefragg thrue ccleaner atm, 14 hs left :cry:
  4. First don't defrag your ssd, ever. Secondly if you want to empty it do a quick reformat. If you reinstalled windows on the SSD, chances are you will have to reinstall all the programs again, since most of the .dlls are missing.
  5. already done all that=/
  6. Yep defragging SSD is no good, it unnecesarily degrades the lifespan of the drive with a bunch of unnecesary write cycles, remember each flash cell on a SSD has a limited amount of times it can be written to before it wears out.
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