Upgrading Dell Dimension 4550 Graphics Card

I am wanting to upgrade the graphics card on my Dimension 4550. It currently has the stock GeForce Mx 420. I searched around on Newegg and found this:


It has the same 128-bit bus as the old card, the same memory type, and the same bus type.
Will it work? I want to make sure before i make a purchase once it becomes available.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. It'll work, what are you using this for? You can also get a HD 3650 AGP
  2. I'm using it to play a couple games, but I could actually play those games semi-smooth with the MX 420 if I turned the graphics to the lowest possible. I'm not looking for anything expensive, as I know that this computer won't be able to play most of the mid-high end games. I only need it to last for 2 more years, and if it has played games for this long with the very old MX 420, then I think that this upgrade will show nice improvements in my framerates and quality of graphics.
  3. Yeah should work.

    Well imo you should look for a second hand card like a ati 9600 nvidia 6600 gt

    i got a 6600 gt for 20 euros and it runs perfectly on my old p4 system could even play a few games on b days with it lol.

    altho you should check your powersupply then if it actually has enough juice for a somewhat heavyer card

  4. Since the card I am looking at buying is currently out of stock, would this card work?


    I'm just not sure since it is DDR not DDR2
  5. should work but its wasting your money the fx series r crap i had a fx 5600 and i found it nowhere as good as a radeon 9600 the 6xxx series of nvidia on the other hand was rather good imo
  6. Ok thanks. I think I'm going to stick to the 6200 though. I dont have the money at the moment to upgrade the power supply.

    Thanks again,
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