Should I cover the wholes for water cooling that came w/ my case to get better airflow?
I was thinking maybe my air was jus being blown out those wholes, including the unused PCI slots which are only covered w/ mesh grating.
So leave em uncovered or seal em for better airflow?

Heres a pic, highlighted in green is the area that I would cover

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  1. I think not; the more hot air that escapes, the better.

    But... why don't you try the experiment? Run as is, and then duct tape the holes closed.

    Let us know the results.
  2. K jus taped up the wholes and it seems that it dropped the temps down 1-3c's on the CPU and GPU while running Idle. I gonna put some load on the pc and see how it handles it.
  3. It is under load that counts.
  4. It was about the same 1-3c's temp difference, I still wanna get some higher rater CFM fans. Right now I've got 3 in's (120mm) and 3 out's (1x120mm,2x140mm) rated at 40 cfm.

    I have been reading about positive and negative pressure in a case and cant decide whether to upgrade the exhausts or intakes. Either way I am at least gonna try to get 80+ CFM rated fans which would hopefully bring temps down also.
  5. IMO positive is better simply because it can reduce or eliminate dust in your computer. As far as cooling goes it isn't black and white to choose between positive or negative pressure. The theory behind positive pressure is that there are more molecules inside the case and therefore more molecules for heat to be transferred to.
  6. So if I increased my airflow by twice as many cfm's would I get better temps or would it be such a small temp change It would be wasting my time and money?
  7. Some points:

    1) You want about the same intake capacity as out flow capacity.

    2) Positive(intake front/bottom out), is about the same capability as negative.

    3) Dust reduction is good, only if you have dust filters on all the intake fans/vents.

    4) Airflow will be sufficient in most cases with at least two 120mm intakes or outputs. You are better than that with three.

    5) A messy internal wiring can mess up the smooth airflow. Are you OK there?

    6) Are all the fans operating in the proper direction? Dangle a tissue in front of each to verify.

    7) What happens if you remove the side panel from the case, and direct a small house fan at the innards? If your temps get much better, you have a case cooling issue.

    8) How hot is the room? A cooler can only approach as low as the room temperature, and will be 15c higher with a good cooler.
    What are the actual cpu and gpu temperatures. What do you use to measure them?

    9) What cooler do you have? Is it mounted well?

    10) Higher cfm fans will move more air, but you will pay the price with increased noise. I think anything over 1200rpm or so will be

    11) What case is that? What is the graphics card and the cpu?

    12) Components, particularly graphics cards are built to tolerate higher temperatures. It might not be worthwhile chasing lower temperature if you are not near dangerous levels.
  8. 3) The two intakes in the front have filters, and the side intake has a mesh cover that catches dust
    5) Just went through the other day and reorganized the cables and it looks really good in there right now.
    7) Last night when I removed the panel to tape up the water cooling whole my temps went down 3c's, when I replaced the panel temps went back to GPU1- 40c GPU2 37c, and about the same for all core on my i5-750 (which is overclocked to 3.7ghz)
    8)The house is usually 72f maybe even colder sometimes
    9)My cpu cooler is the Cooler Master 212+, and I have two GTX 470's made by palit (Comes w/ two fans for cooling)
    10) I dont really care about the noise so much considering my 470's usually always run 100% fans which are pretty loud but eventually it blends in and I dont even notice it. Plus I only have headphones for speakers so I cant hear the PC most of the time anyways.
    11) NZXT Tempest EVO
    12) My cpu never really goes above 65c, and the graphics cards usually never go abouve 85c. Its weird tho I was playing Dead Space 2 a week ago and my temps on the gpu were going in to 95+ range ( I play my games in nvidia surround so I usually push my cards kind of hard). But then I did some tweaking and now my cards are running really cool for some reason, and I think all I did was add SLI profiles.

    i5-750 OC'd 3.7 1.288v
    GTX 470's (Palit) stock
    OC'd Ram 1600mhz 7-8-7-24-2n
    P7p55de - PRO something like that
  9. I think you are about as good as it can get. Doing more will bring you marginally lower temps at increasing costs.

    Adding higher capacity fans will bring you closer to the temps you get with the side off, a matter of 1-2c. Not worth it.

    The cm hyper 212 is a good cooler, something like the prolimatech megahalems or noctua NH-D14 will do a few degrees better.

    Your graphics card's coolers are a part of the problem. They do not directly exhaust their hot air out the back of the case. The reference cooler is better from that standpoing.

    Sandy bridge will run faster and cooler, but not worth the change.

    -------------------------Bottom line----------------------
    Your temps are within the specs of your equipment and really do not need addressing.
  10. Is there anything I can do about the GPU's dumping the heat into case, I remember reading somewhere about that. Not sure if it is the best thing for the GPU tho.
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