Laptop Blue Screen, Just want to Back up Data

Hello, I have a Dell Studio 14z and after failed repair of my laptop that wouldn't let me even get to a log in screen, I decided I want to wipe out my current operating system and download a prior version.

Now the question is how to back up my data before doing so..

Please helppppp!
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  1. Well, take the disk out. Attach it to a running machine via USB using some kind of dongle like this: (not an endorsement of that particular product).

    If the machine can see the drive, then copy the data. If the drive itself was what failed, that's another story and an expense of somewhere between $90 and $3,000.
  2. Download and burn a .iso for a linux LiveCD. Boot from it, mount your drive and copy through a network connection to another PC. (assuming you have one available)

    Most of the major linux distributions, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc have livecd's that you can boot from. You don't NEED a rescue oriented CD, but they have utilities installed on them to aid in repair / recovery and may be useful to have if needed.

    Good luck
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