Where to place PWM fans?

I have a 120mm PWM fan installed on my CPU heatsink. Motherboard has a slot for a 2nd PWM fan... what would be the best use for it? I have an Antec 300 case, so options are:

1) Top 140mm fan
2) Rear 120mm fan
3) Side 120mm fan

I'm worried that putting a PWM fan on the side isn't a good spot, since that location is to cool the GPU and the PWM functions based on CPU load instead. What would be best?
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  1. Unless you have a troublesome noise problem, why limit the fans speeds? Except for the CPU fan which is controlled by the motherboard CPU fan header, let the rest run at full rated speed.

    If you identify a particular fan too loud, then connect that fan to the motherboard header, and let the motherboard smart fan controls take over.
  2. My fans are all Antec Tri-cool fans, and are very low airflow at low speed, and too loud at medium or high speed. I've already bought an extra PWM fan that I can use to get both high airflow and low noise during regular operation, looking for the best place to put it.
  3. What type of heatsink are you using?Put another on that one if you can.

    I would put another fan either on the Rear or Top.Can't understand why you don't already have a fan on the Rear port.
  4. Using a Gelid Tranquillo heatsink, so only able to mount 1 fan on it.

    I already have a rear / top / (2x) front fans, but they're all 3-pin power fans with no fan speed control on them.

    Questions is where to best put a 2nd PWM fan, to replace one of my 3 pin fans.
  5. If it isn't heatsink related then i don't see the need for a PWM fan.You could try the bottom.
    And i guess you could put a PWM on the top.The top fan doesn't get much air anyway because of the heatsink but it is where the hottest air would be.
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