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Firstly I apologize if this post is in the wrong segment of the forums, I am new to this site as such.

Recently I have been experiencing a wierd problem with my system.

Every morning when i boot my computer, it fails to boot properly, and it ends up in the DVD drive repeating the load up noise it makes as well as the motherboards "beep" going somewhat insane. After a while it eventually lets me load up windows and then crashes in windows moments later.

Once this happens i can restart my pc, leave it for 30 seconds or so, boot the machine up again, and everything is fine, i can run the system all day.

However minimal it sounds, i don't really wish to have to crash my system once every morning to guarantee my pc's operative state during course of the day.

My specs are as follows:
Quadcore Q6600 2.4Ghz
Asus P5N-e SLI
4GB Ram (unbranded i think? :S)
Nvidia 8800 Ultra OC edition 768mb
500GB HD

Appreciate any help given thnx :)
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  1. There could be a couple of potential problems - however the one thing the springs to mind is your RAM. Unbranded memory is cheap and some motherboards are very fussy about the quantity and quality of the RAM you use.

    I would try removing all but one stick of memory (not sure how many you have) and see if the pc boots correctly - if not then change it for another.

    If you try this and rule out the problem being your RAM then come back.

    Also when the PC crashed are there any error messages? How many BEEPS on start up ?
  2. Nop, no error messages, just either hangs on the "ASUS" logo at startup, or when it crashes in windows it just literally freezes.

    and the beeps vary from loads of little ones to one long one :/
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