DFI X58 T3eH6 issues

This could be a long description of the problem but I don't want to put you off so I'll try and make it to the point so please read on if you have used this board or you are very familier with the various voltages and settings used when OC'ing i7's and hopefully you will be able to help.

Had an Asus P6X58D-E, 3x2 gig Corsair XMS3, i7 920 DO, Ven-X Black, OCZ 700ModX (Corsair TX on the way)

CPU easily hit 4ghz, 200x20 or 190x21, CPU and Uncore/VTT were @1.25v, DRAM 1.65v, everything else defaults, ran all day and night.

Until it blew up. :cry:

Picked up a DFI X58 T3eH6, lowered the DRAM and CPU multipliers and it cruised up to 200+ with no issues, all voltages default.

So then I started bumping up the multiplier, 200x19, 200x20, all ok, cpu @1.25v.

Soon as I bump up the DRAM and Uncore x8 / x16, it doesn't like it, blue screens and restarts, its ok up to 200x18=3.6ghz but nothing above.

Tried 180x21 / 190x21, ok if you keep the DRAM / Uncore at x6 / x12 but not x8 / x16.

So I tried DRAM increase and VTT voltage increases after reading every guide known to man and all the different IOH, PLL suggestions but NO. [:fisshy:2]

I could list all the different settings I have tried but that would be too much so I'll leave it now and wait for questions and suggestions. :D

The 2 main areas I'm not sure about are the VRMAX and PPM, all power saving settings are OFF.
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  1. Some motherboards do not overclock as well as others, even with the same CPU as in your case.
  2. I understand that but I must have read 8 reviews of this board and not one struggled with 4ghz even with C0 920's.

    A DFI X58 board that will only clock an i7 920 DO @3.6ghz when it does 4.1ghz in other boards, I just think I'm missing something.

    I've had loads of DFI boards and they are always fussy.
  3. Could the QPI speed cause this?

    Seems funny it'll pass with a 210mhz bus speed with lower ram/uncore multiplier and will pass with the cpu @4ghz with the lower ram/uncore freq but as soon as its bumped up to x8 / x16 it has problems.

    I did have QPI set to lowest setting, but noticed on AUTO setting it actually ran slower?
  4. What "blew up" some thing on the motherboard? I'm using the same ASUS MB and it's a dream, i7-930 runs 4Ghz no problem. I am using a Corsair 850HX power supply thou....

    How do you know you CPU wasn't damaged too?

    I'm thinking a good slogan like "guns don't kill people, people kill people..." could be CHANGED to "behind every smoldering rig is a bad power supply..." (sorry, just a pattern I"m noticing on Tom's board...)
  5. Northbridge mosfets.

    Must have been steaming while F@H, gonna get a top down cooler for it if I can repair it.

    This gets stranger, turned off high speed QPI and it Folded all night, passd memtest and ran P95 for a while but will not pass OCCT [:aford10:1]

    Pretty sure the CPU is fine as it's been running all of the above under 70C and like I said I've had it running everything @4ghz with lower dram/uncore multi's.
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