Ocz 800mhz running at 533mhz

Hi i hope you can help me cause OCZ or ASUS cant RAM ocz plat xtc 6400 DDR 2 running at 332 MHZ DDR665 from cpuZ i have a p5b mobo can i get it to run at 800mhz when i boot it see my memory as pc 2 5300 any help would be good thank you john

system specs from cpu-z (
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  1. Didn't read your system spec's sorry, to set ram to pc2-6400 or 800mhz, enter bios and set ram clock timings to 400. Currently from what you say it's set to 333 so if you see 400 available select it. You may need to adjust the voltage higher than the motherboards default for the ram as well. Before proceeding check the rams specifications and select that voltage as well. Failing to do so can prevent the computer from booting.
  2. ok ty for the help but i dont see anything in bios for ram clock timings i set memory voltage to 2.1 but its still the same i have dram frequency 667/833/1000/1111/1333/MHZ if i set it to 833MHZ the memory runs at /667MHZ at post in cpu-z it runs at 416MHZ 416MHZ would give me 832MHZ is that to fast ty
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    Did you overclock your CPU? The RAM should be fine at 833 Mhz. Run memtest for several hours to make sure there are no errors.
  4. ok i ran memtest 6 passes and everything is OK ty all for the help

    no i did not overclock but the bios update to add 1333mhz for cpu is a little f up
    833MHZ in bios runs memory @ 667Mhz and 1000MHZ runs memory @800MHZ
    cause DRAM frequency in cpuz is 416MHZ and im scared to try 1000MHZ maybe i should reset bios and start again not sure ty you
  5. CPU-Z reports real DRAM frequency which is multiplied by 2 for DDR2. You could start over, but if the system is stable, you probably shouldn't bother.
  6. ok ill keep it got 2000 more in 3dmark vantage my windows vista starts in 12 sec now not 50 sec big dif star wars force unleashed and call of duty mw 2 max graph no lag thank you all if you want to run 3 GHZ @ same speed as me and have a P5B motherboard install 1ghz stick of memory in bank 0 1GHZ stick in bank 3 and 1 stick in bank 4 thats what work for me bank 2 works at low mhz but not 800mhz and run Memtest86+ after each stick is installed for at lease 2 passes dont put all ocz 6400 DDR2 800MHZ memory in at the same time u will get no boot up install 1 stick of memory then run memtest then 2 sticks and run memtest and so on i use bios 2104. in bios under jumperfree configuration set AI Tuning to manual set DRAM Frequecny to DDR2-833MHz then set Memory Voltage to 2.1 save bios if u have any probs leave a post here thease pepole are the best to help you ASUS and OCZ just blame each other for the probs thank you GhislainG and roonj for all your help you guys are great i dont drink so next set of ram is on me thank you all so much john
  7. sry guys one more thing should i set timing this is the memory i have 800MHz DDR2
    CL 4-5-4-15
    Available in 1GB modules and 2GB D/C Kits
    Platinum Mirrored XTC Heatspreader*
    Lifetime Warranty
    2.1 Volts
    240 Pin DIMM
    but its running @ 5-6-6-15 should i change it to 4-5-4-15 ty
  8. You can tighten the timings, but you might have to increase voltage to 2.2V. If that doesn't work, then try 5-5-5-15. Stability is more important than ultimate performance and you won't see a major difference between the different timings.

    One of your posts seem to indicate that you have 3 modules. Are you sure slot 2 won't work at full speed? If so, then there's an issue with a memory module, that slot is defective or there's dust in it (inspect it using a magnifier glass).
  9. it will work at full speed if i use a 2ghz kit at 800mhz but with more memory it wont work at 800mhz 533 thats it if i put 1ghz sticks i bank 0 and 1 it will work fine but if i use bank 0 and 1 and 2 it will drop to 533 but it will work fine if i use a kit strange all slots work at 800mhz but i need to mix and match the memory in bios i dont have 2.2 v thank you
  10. Then you don't have much of a choice.
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