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I have a 40" Sony 40LX2F Monitor with a max resolution of 1366x768 and need to connect it to a PC via HDMI. I have never used a HDMI graphics card before so am unaware of any connection problems. I presume connecting the monitor to the graphics card would not cause any problems and the resolution would either be auto set or I could change via display settings.

Does anyone know of any possible problems I may run in to? Very general question, I know, but I am a complete NOOB to HDMI graphics cards.

Also could someone recommend a Graphics Card? I only want the HDMI connectivity, I am not bothered about HD content. The cheaper the better.

Joe Edmondson :sol:
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  1. ATi HD4770
  2. Quite a few cards have a HDMI connector these days so what will you be doing with it?
    A HD4770 (if you can find one) is a fine card for gaming at that resoloution but a bit wasted for video playback when the HD4550 can do the same job for half the price.
  3. Are you gaming? A HD 3450 could do the HDMI connection just fine.
  4. If your current graphics card has a DVI output, you could just go with a DVI -->HDMI cable. I just bought this one to connect my X1800XL to my new monitor's HDMI input.

    -Wolf sends
  5. if you want a new card, i currently use a sparkle gts 250: http://www.sparkle.com.tw/product_detail.asp?id=97&sub_id=290 which had a beautiful working HDMI port, which also has a spdif sound loop from your sound card!
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