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This is beginning to be somewhat of a trend. I too purchased Sims 3 today, and had the same problem with my video card not supporting pixel shading 2.0. I have all the specs for my pc and would too like some assistance if at all possible. I have a Compaq Evo D510 845G pc that I believe came from a business office. I did my homework and contacted Compaq support, now HP. The information I gathered from my current parts were as follows:

Compaq Evo D510 Models with Intel 845G Chipset
All D510's come with:

Integrated Intel Extreme graphics
Integrated Intel PRO/100 VM NIC
Integrated Intel PRO/100 VE NIC (e-pc only)
Integrated Intel Audio

PCI.....3 full-height slots on PCA (2 additional slots available via optional PCI Extender Card)

AGP....1 AGP 4X, 1.5V

Any additional information needed can be found through this link:


The Tech Support Assistant was unsure about the pixel shading but offered this information regarding compatable video cards:

2D Graphics:
Intel DVI ADD card

NVIDIA GeForce2 MX200 64-MB AGP with DVI-I (low profile bracket for Small Form Factor)

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX420 64-MB DDR AGP (low profile bracket for Small Form Factor)

2D Multi-Display Graphics:

Matrox G550 32-MB DualHead DVI AGP

NVIDIA Quadro4 200NVS DualHead

NVIDIA Quadro4 400NVS Quad

NVIDIA Quadro4 200NVS DVI Cables

NVIDIA Quadro4 400NVS DVI Cables

Can anyone tell me if any of those will support the pixel shading 2.0 this game requires? And if there are any other alternatives for a video card that will support pixel shading 2.0 while being compatable with my pc? Thank you very much for all your needed help in this matter.
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  1. this is the only card newegg has that is AGP 4x and small form factor compatible, the Nvidia 6200 series supports pixel shading up to 3.0 so you will be covered.

  2. Nice find ct
  3. sad part is, for the same price you can get a 4670 that has to be at least 10x as powerful.

    isn't technology great? it starts out over-priced, becomes dirt cheap, and then retires to outrageously over-priced in 4-5 years.
  4. Unless it's 'fruit themed' in which case it starts high priced and remains high priced whilst remaining low tech throughout. :lol:
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