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Alot Toolbar


I have an Alot Toolbar that just showed up and I have gone to add/remove and I do not see it there.

How can I remove this from my computer? Also, is it a spyware toolbar?

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  1. I remove it wheneer I come across it in customers' systems but it's probably best described as half way to being malware. It's a BHO or Browser Helper Object (some may say Browser Hijack Object) and slants your search options to places it wants you to go and phones home where you have been so you probably get ore Spam.

    In IE, click the View menu then Toolbars and untick Alot from the list, along with any others you don't need, accepting the offer to disablle them. In ccase anything remains, dowload HijackThis from, install and run it and let it fix Alot and anything else it finds. Restart and you're clear of the thing but one of your favourite sites may put it back so keep an eye on the situation.

  2. Hello:

    Thank you for your answer, however; I am using Firefox, not IE. I have a little computer knowledge, but I am not very savvy.

    I know enough to either get it right or to screw it up :lol:

    Best Regards,

    Niko723 :hello:

  3. Firefox has the same facility in its View menu, to turn off unwanted Toolbars.

  4. Firefox has the same facility in its View menu, to turn off unwanted Toolbars.

    Hello Again!

    I used the view on Firefox and I finally deleted the Alot toolbar. It was not listed as Alot, but Navigate toolbar, I just took a chance that, that was the one. Yahoo and Google were listed, so I surmised that had to be the one.

    Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day!

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    You're welcome but remember, you're the one who fixed it.

  6. Only with your excellent advice! Thank you again. ;)
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