What is a good low price full tower case?

I am going to be building my first computer soon. The case I want from newegg is currently out of stock. Here is a link to my wishlist for the computer I am building. http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=9187694
Is there another full tower case that is good and around that price? or would I have any problem fitting this computer is a mid tower case? And if not, what would be a good mid tower case that has adaquate air flow for a good price?
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  1. Xclio makes "ok" cases.... kinda on the flimsy side....

    if you want a great, well priced full tower, my suggestion would be the Haf 932 :


    the extra cash gets you a flawless case with massive airflow....

    the Antec 900 is a very good mid-tower with good airflow but for a couple more dollars you can get the 932 (bigger/better/easier to build with).....
  2. +1 to OvrClkr for his suggestion on the HAF 932 Case.

    But if you still wish to get the XCLIO WTBK ADVANCED, you can get it at Chief Value which is NewEgg asscociate lower value site. Since that case has now a Deactivated Item at NewEgg.

    XCLIO WTBK ADVANCED Black Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower Case - Retail $119.99

    But the HAF 932 is a far superior Case with great Airflow. :sol:
  3. I have the CoolerMaster HAF 932. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent. It is a full tower case and it is huge. It's also wider than normal. The case can accomodate those extra long 12 inch video cards and those extra tall tower style cpu heatsinks. It can even accomodate and extra long power supply.

    What you have to do is decide whether you really need and want a large full tower case. I did not see any items in your wish list that would absolutely positively require a full tower case. A mid-tower case could just as easily accomodate all of your components.

    Here's a link to some new cases I accidently found that have great potential and do not cost very much:

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