Will a AMD Athlon 640 Bottleneck the GTX 460 768MB?

Im wondering if this CPU (3Ghz x4) will bottleneck my performance with the GTX 460 768MB, and If i will se an Improvement in FPS or in general if I upgrade t the Phenom II 955 (3.2Ghz x4 with L3 Cache).
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  1. 720p

    Or rez's like 1280*1024 or 1440 * 900
  2. I think that you should be fine then
  3. Hm, I think Ill be getting the GTX 550ti 1GB again, still no bottlenecking?
  4. I don't know if that is a wise choice. 550ti should be cool if you really like overclocking, but I wouldn't suggest it otherwise. I'd get a hd 6850, but I know it is a little higher priced than you want. What're you running now?
  5. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/308450-13-budget-dinopc-configuration-perfect-machine-%C2#t2292597 I'm getting that, though I COULD ditch the case and get the GTX 460 1GB, though it'd probably fry up cause of crappy cooling.
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