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Hey i have a laptop Dell Studio 15 and looking to replace the hdd getting an Error code 0142 which says bad hdd and can't boot. Now can I get any hdd as long as its 2.5 and sata? I see on ebay on a hdd saying Brand New 500GB Hard Drive configured and formatted for Dell Studio 15
But i can just get any as long as its same format right? They charging like 85 and i see others for 50. Just want to make sure I can get the cheaper on
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  1. yes, any 2.5in and SATA drive should work for you. I would NOT recommend 7200rpm since it will use more power from battery, and generates more heat. Also noticed higher failure rate. Just get a 5400rpm drive.

    I hope you made the recovery discs right after you bought the computer. Without it,you either have to buy from Dell or do clean install (Windows version and CD key on the bottom of computer) and install all the drivers.
  2. k thanks for the info
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