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I have a NAS that I use to store all documents, music and photos from my desktop, that I also share on a LAN wiht other computers in my house. I have RAID 1 so I have a second drive in the NAS backing up the first drive, which is fine for back up, but in the event of fire, physical damage or theft, I want the NAS to be backed up as well. All the major online backup providers (Carbonite, Mozy, etc.)) will not back up a NAS, but will back up an attached drive, like a Seagate Freeagent - go figure. Is anybody aware of any online backup service that will back up a NAS? Thanks.
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  1. You can do two things, maybe.

    One, if you have a Netgear NAS is signup for their vault service.

    Two, Mozy Pro DOES support mapped drives.

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