Lets Talk About The Sockets

How about telling us what CPU sockets these boards are using? Until the Foxconn/Lotes socket problem is addressed, this article is useless!
Your Gigabyte winner, does it still use Foxconn?
If so, only a fool would buy it.
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  1. Isn't the issue on low budget 1156 sockets only and affects parties intending to use liquid freezing solutions. While I may be a nerd if I ever get that nerdy I hope they put me in a hospital, somewhere, anywhere. Whats a girl?
  2. The issue is not all the CPU contacts making contact with the socket. Has nothing to do with cooling. So far it has only damaged chips that were heavily overclocked, but the effect is the same as saying its OK to plug a q9400 into a 775 socket with a few pins missing. Wouldnt you RMA a motherboard like that?
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