Bad Intel board?

I just got a brand new Intel DP55KG mobo to replace my old ASUS.
It wont even post at all. All that comes on is the standby light
Ive tryed taking all the components off. It wont even post using the power switch or the builtin power button on the mobo.
All I have connected now is the CPU and fan and one stick of ram. Ive tryed powering up my old mobo with the same Zalman power supply and it works fine. Sound like a bad mobo?

Intel DP55KG mobo
Zalman 600w Power Supply
Intel i7 860 CPU
8G Corsair 1600 ram

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  1. Did you double check both power connections? You should at least hear some beeps?
  2. Soundtweaker said:
    Sound like a bad mobo?

    More like just a typical Intel mobo. They're NOTORIOUS for being picky about what kind of RAM you use, and for not working well with anything but the default voltage in the specs.

    I see there that your board wants 1.35V memory, but most of the Corsair DDR3 looks like either 1.65V or 1.8V. That could be the trouble.

    I had an Intel DP45SG not long ago that didn't agree with the memory voltage, and it did exactly this. What's more, there was exactly jack that I could do about it -- let it autodetect the memory and it would boot but leave the RAM underpowered and eventually freeze. Set the voltage yourself, and the whole system would fail to POST because of an idiot power management error.

    At any rate, I'd sent that Intel board back, because outside of a few vanilla configurations, they're nothing but trouble.
  3. I called Intel and went over it. Check all my power connections.
    It wouldnt even beep with no memory installed.
    I got Corsair memory which was recommended by Tiger Direct specifically for the motherboard. It's 1.5V. I checked my mobo spec sheet and it said it handles memory that is 1.6V or lower. So most like got a bad mobo. Thanks for all the suggestions guys.
  4. Well I finally got it working. It was my 3 year old Zalman 600w power supply.
    Aparently its either underpowered or incompatible with the Intel DP55KG mobo.
    I know the power supply is working because it still powers up my old Asus mobo.
    I bought a new OCZ 700w power supply and everything powered up fine.
    Hopefully this will help someone in the future.
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