Aliens VS Predator Gold Edition + Windows Vista

Need help with video in game. Installed fine game runs fine, but can't see where I'm going, I do see the fixed display items like helth meter and motion tracker.
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  1. Game doesn't work in XP without the old patch, Vista wasn't about to improve that.

    It's a win95/98 game.

    I loved the game, but it was a hassle getting it to work on XP; I wouldn't bother with making it work on Vista, but if you really need to then you'll have to at least find the XP patch.
  2. Go to

    There is great solution for problem with graphic issues.
    I already tried it and it work for me (I have Windows 7 32bit Ultimate version).
    So I say-when there is people who are able to convert old Win95 games to modern there is always chance to run these games.
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