Does the Asus P5W DH Deluxe Support Q8400?

Hey, my old dual core doesn't quite cut it for muiltitasking, and I can't afford to upgrade to a core i5 or 7 setup, and i don't want to spend $400(nzd) on a 9550 cause i could nearly buy a core i5 after selling my system, only the q8400 seems cheap enough for me to buy but keep me happy long enough for $240 i'll just overclock the hell out of it till it dies if I can run it, cause by the time it dies i'll be more than happy with what i got outa it. o and the Q8300 is $330 in new zealand

anyway does the q8400 work on the p5w dh deluxe motherboard? with any bios, I know the website doesn't say it does, but wondering if anyones tried it or seen where someone has tried it?

I've tried googling everywhere couldn't find much on q8400 and p5w dh deluxe mobo.
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  1. It's very strange it says it supports Q8300,Q8200 but no word about Q8400! i guess it supports it but you better ask ASUS as well just o make sure
  2. In addition to contacting Asus to know if it will work, you should also read the FAQ. That motherboard is based on a chipset that's designed to run at 800 MHz. According to Asus it can be overclocked to 1333 MHz, but you'll need to increase the FSB even more if you want to overclock that CPU. You probably won't be able to achieve great results. You'd likely be happier with a used Q6600.
  3. my motherboard FSB goes up to 1600MHz I'm running my E6400 at 1441MHz atm, and i don't mind not overclocking too much even 2.8GHz is enough of a overclock .. nice round number lol just want it cause its cheap.
  4. i DO have the Asus P5W DH Deluxe AND today i installed the newest BIOS 3002 AND i installed the Q8400. there is no problem by now. It just functions as it should.

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