"Non-system disk or disk error" after HD swap

I just bought a new HP 8200 Elite SFF i5-2400. It boots up fine in the original configuration (Windows 7 installed), but when I replace the harddrive with one from my old computer (Segate Barracuda ST2000DL003-9VT166) which has Windows XP installed, I get a "Non-system disk or disk error" on boot. The drive boots fine in my old PC, I've updated the BIOS to the latest version (J01 v02.09), tried with different SATA settings (AHCI, RAID, IDE), nothing seems to work.

Any ideas what might be wrong/how to narrow it down?

Thanks, Henning
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  1. Some computers have proprietary firmware installed which will only work with a certain operating system.
    We had similar problems when trying to install XP on other HP systems too.
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