Need help choosing fan

hi i i need a quiet fan so i can sleep at night.
should i get
also how much quieter would it be compare to stock fans?
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  1. Can't say much about the fans you listed, and you didn't say what kind of CPU you have... I'm using a ThermalRight HR-01 with a Scythe Kama fan and it's very quiet - pretty much inaudible compared to the stock fan on my old 2.4GHz Pentium 4 system.
  2. oh i have an E7400
  3. take a look in here. u have the intel stock cooler on the list, so u can compare.
  4. Bigger fan will be more quiet than smaller fan, because it will turn more slowly to more the same amount of air.

    I have one of these:
    Xigmatec Dark Knight

    It's pretty quiet.
  5. ^+1. If you need to get it quieter, take a look at some Scythe fans. You can swap out the fan on that S1283 with another 120mm fan. Also look in to a Fan controller.
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