Core i7 Lanbox (No budget), Need PSU!

Hey guys,

I'm currently ordering parts to finish my lanbox.

I'm using a Silverstone Sugo SG04B case, so I'm looking for something modular and with approximately 600 watts.

So far I've been looking at the 620HX from corsair, a few models from Silverstone, but can't really decide.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Another options would be the Antec Signature 650W.
  2. Wow, nobody has a suggestion for a power supply?
  3. What are the rest of your specs? It's hard to recommend a psu without knowing all the specs.
  4. Greetings,
    While I have been away from custom building for a while, I went on a build of 2 systems in a row. Based on my research and the components of the system I wanted installed I went with the FSP Epsilon 600W in both systems.

    The PSU is well built, the cables are well insulated (even with a black mesh to avoid snags on the case) and it has been working well for me in the two systems i built. One of the two systems is a file server and workstation combo with a lot of components (5x500G hard drives, 1 cd rom, HD Radeon 4800 1GB memory, power to 2-eSata drives). The PSU also provides independent poewr to the graphics card.

    With all of the above connected to the PSU, I still have a couple of extra power connectors remaining out of the FSP. I like it!

    Good luck with your build.
  5. Sorry, I figured that the 600 watts would be enough!

    Here's the build:

    Intel i7 920
    Asus Rampage II Gene
    6GB OCZ Platinum DDR3 1600
    XFX 4890 XXX
    OCZ vertex 120GB
    WD Black 640 GB
    LG Blu ray drive
    Nexus LOW heaatsink

    All in the Silverstone Sugo SG04B

    Just looking for the right PSU and I'll get to put it all together!
  6. Hey cokenbeer,

    I just did a very similar build with the uATX Rampage II board, except I put it in a Thermaltake lan box with two WD Black 640s in raid 0. I think you will be happy with your mb choice.

    I put a Corsair 550 in mine, very happy with it. Good quality power supply ..... Note, mine is a business only machine that I wanted to be able to lug around on occasion, so power for graphics was not an issue, but the Corsair seems like a good product so far.
  7. If you are thinking of adding a second video card later, you want a bigger psu. Something like 750w corsair. If you're only going to use the single card, the corsair 550w or antec EA 500w are nice choices.
  8. The Seasonic M12D 750 is starting to look like a clear winner here. Rock solid power supply, silent, modular, and fairly compact.

    Anybody have any experience, or should I just get this one?

    I won't get the Antec Signature because I want the PSU fan to help cool the CPU.
  9. Hi can I ask Cockenbeer if u have made this machine yet because I'm thinking of doing a similar thing my specs so far are,

    Intel Core i7 920
    Asus Rampage II GENE microATX motherboard
    6Gb of Corsair RAM I havn't fully decided on which yet,
    A western digital Hard drive not fully decided on size,
    A thermaltake Lanbox.
    Obviously I am going to put fans and cooling in it and a drive, but what I am really concerned about is cooling. What clearance from the the top of your PCU to your processor do you have? Or is your PCU not above your processor. I have a mere 10cm to play with. And I think cooling is gonna be a major issue how did yours run? Did it melt???
  10. I just put it together today. The case was on backorder so I have it running outside of the case for the moment.

    I'll post an update when it works.
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