Biostar TA890FXE Compatable Chipset Waterblock

So I started my build with a Corsair H50 and after a couple of days it leaked. I had to remove all of my components. Clean it up a little and let it dry for a couple of days. I still want to water cool the CPU but I also want to find a compatible chipset water block fro my board as well. So far I have seen nothing that works so far. Most of them are made for ASUS and Gigabyte boards. Anyone have any good recommendations?
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  1. Are you modding the H50 to incorporate this new block or building a new loop? For many boards, you have to use a universal block if there isn't one designed specifically for your board.
  2. Would it be worth it to mod the H50? I think what happened was that the tubes were bent. One thing about the H50 is that the tubes are more like hard plastic which in turn makes it hard to place without bending it too much in my case.
    As far as the chipset on my MOBO, I guess I'll keep searching for something compatable. I could have sworn I've seen mentions of Swifttech making universal chipset blocks. Btw I am new to water cooling. What I do know so far as what I need for cooling a cpu and components is that I need a water block, pump, resevoir, hoses and something else. lol. Barbs are what connect the hoses right?
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    Yes, I'd reconsider modding your H50; it has been done, but it doesn't really perform well enough to cool more than just a CPU. For the costs you are looking at, you might consider going a different route and abandoning the H50 if it comes down to modding it.
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  5. I just posted a new sticky guide today; you might want to spend some time reading through the information and links.
  6. Thanx for your help. I think I have sufficient cooling on my MOBO. I will look at my H50 and try to figure out what I need. Would you happen to know what I will need? What size hose should I get? And how do I go about removing the old ones and how do I connect them? Will I need barbs for that? Again thank you for helping me out. I know I'm hammering you with a lot of questions. Lol.
  7. I believe this is what you might be looking for:

    There are also many other forum threads lying around like this as well as some YouTube vids showing this.

    Good luck.
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