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I have a Dell desktop XPS 720. Recently, my computer screen started go blank after a screen saver. I would have to restart to get the screen back on. So after a few restarts my computer just wouldn't load up anymore. Then I had these vertical lines all over my screen and the only way it would load to windows desktop is if I uninstalled my graphics card in safe mode and the restart my computer. I am not good with hardware etc, but I am guessing my graphics card burnt out or something. Any advice on this topic that could save me from having to buy a new card would be greatly appreciated.

If replacing my graphics card is the only way, then could you please suggest a graphics card which would be best for gaming. Price somewhere around 100-200 dollars. Also, my graphics card is or rather was Nvidia 8800GT 512.

Also my computer specifications:

Dell XPS 720
Processor : Intel Core2 Quad processor Q9450 (2.66GHz,1333FSB) w/DualCore Technology and 12MB cache

OS : Windows Vista Home 32bit
Video Card : NVIDIA 8800GT 512MB

If any other specifications are needed please let me know and I will find them out and post it in a reply.
Thank you in advance.
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  1. the ATI 4850 would give you a fine performance, see tom's list for June,2323-3.html
  2. Sweet thank you. One more question though, since I was using an NVIDIA card before, will ATI still fit/work on my computer or do I need to replace something to make it work? I editted/updated my computer specifications a little more in detail, not sure if that helps or not.
  3. no matter if you go with a Nvidia or ATI card, just uninstall your previous 8800GT drivers and download new ones from their respective web sight. You will be good to go then.

    you can also go with Nvidia, the 9800GT is the 8800GT with a new name.
    the GTS 250 competes against the ATI 4850. ATI currently gives you more bang for buck at cards under $200 but some people prefer one company over the other.
  4. Pardon my ignorance in regards to this subject, but if I buy the ATI card I can just plug and install the ATI drivers to make it work right? I wouldn't need to buy a new mother board or anything would I?

    Also, I was checking the prices and I see many different companies that make the same card. Any recommendations on which company is a good choice to go with?
  5. 1. correct on the install, plug it in and install the new drivers after cleaning out the old ones. you don't need a new motherboard.

    2. there is really no clear cut winner in manufactures. some offer a better price, a better warranty, a free game, a factory overclock, its really up to you.
    HIS, Sapphire, Asus, Gigabyte, evga, XFX, are just some of the better known companies.
  6. Thank you once again and god bless.
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