Adding fan to passively cooled GeForce 8500 GT?

Hello, I'm expecting a delivery of a Gateway PC with an NVIDIA® GeForce 8500GTcard. However, the card is passively cooled and that disturbs me given the lack of airflow in standard cases. I want to add a fan to the heatsink, alas, I'm uncertain about how to do this. Not necessarily how to mount it to the heatsink, but rather where I'd attach the power cord. The PC is a Gateway GM5626 desktop computer.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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  1. It should plug into the PSU, I just attached the fan using screws.
  2. Well, the fan I'm thinking to use has the little 4 prong female plug on it, and i don't recall seeing anything to connect that to on the wiring harness of any powersupply i've seen to date. Granted, I've not actually seen the harness of the gateway i've got coming via ups, but I'm looking at a powersupply from a compaq and older gateway, and aside from output wattage, they both have the same basic set up.
  3. You can get a case fan that has a molex adapter that comes with the fan, can adapt a clip or zip tie to hold it on the the heatsink.

    even most older PCs have a free molex to power it.
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