I am using an Asus M4A87TD/USB3 Motheboard and a Hitachi 7K1000.C 1 TB Hard Drive and when I enter my BIOS I find three options for storage config, RAID, AHCI and IDE.

1# Why when I chose AHCI in my BIOS do my SATA channles 1-6 not show up and why does my hard drive show up as IDE ?

2# Yet when I chose IDE in the BIOS, all my SATA channels 1-6 show up and my hard drive shows up as SATA ?

3# When I get the system up and running, why am I getting Burst Raes of less than 135 when I have the BIOS set to AHCI and when I install with IDE I see burst rates over 170 ?

4# I thought AHCI was supposed to be faster ?

I did go to the Asus website, downloaded the latest AHCI driver and installed it during the Windows installation so rule that out.
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  1. I have the link for the fix. You need to edit the registry.


    Follow those steps then after editing the registry enable AHCI mode in the bios and it works fine. So far I have done this on 2 computers one a notebook and the other a desktop both running Windows 7 and works fine. NCQ and hot swapping now available. Without this change the drive doesnt use NCQ and hot swapping isnt enabled.
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