Motherboard going? Hardrives?

Alright guys.. Once again i continue to have many problems with my computer. Basically i went through alot of crap to get this thing to work and i bought alot stuff i didnt need. But its all for the best. Unfortunately.. Right now this is how my computer stands i have one 250 gb hardrive holding windows 7 then i also have another hardrive holding vista (250gb) Now i had a 500gb hardrive which would sit as the backup station to both windows editions so all music, documents, pictures, etc. would feed to the 500. That harddrive was a WD 500 gb caviar. Unfortunatly I believe it has malfunctioned because it will hold data and can be seen by the computer but anything that is played or used on the harddrive is either currupted or just straight up messed. AKA the music doesnt run. pictures dont show. u get it. So I go out and buy another harddrive this time a bit better. Its a 500 gb seagate barracuda 32 meg cache 7200 rpm basically i just bumped from 16 meg to 32. But now i face a whole other problem. I was suspicious because at first when i plugged the HDD in and booted i went into the computer and ofcourse it wont be there. But i followed the usual procedure or managaging the hardrives through right click>manage> u guys go it. I formated the raw space and i thought it was over. But no it still wasnt there but yet it showed the drive was active. In my confusion i rebooted and tried the same procedure once again. still nothing. Now stumped i figured resort to the useless manual but it actualy saved me i put in the software and sure enough it worked once everything was in. Now heres the strange part. After all was said and done i thought to myself. I have never had to insert a cd to make the hdd work (also i forgot to add that i did chek for the driver). But now as im sure you are all tired of reading this ill try to wrap it up. The hardrive no longer works everytime i boot up with it. Its not found by the bios or nuthing, but yet sometime when windows starts if it even gets that far. ITS THERE! It honestly makes no sense and the hardrive is brand new i never mistreated it and i would kno becasue i work on computers. So heres my opinion after 2 harddrives i dont think they are the culprit anymore. My mobo only has 4 sata slots and i use all of them when the extra hardrive is in. (250 gb, 250gb, 500gb, and DVD burner) Could my mobo possibly be just screwed. Is it the windows? i really only use win 7 but ok. Any help what so ever would be appreciated.
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  1. No chance its as simple as a bad sata cable?
    Loose wire in the sata power connector.
    User control issue with windows?
  2. My guess is the SATA port you are plugging the HDD in is sparatically giving out.

    You could always add a PCI card that gives you additional SATA ports and see if that does it. If that doesn't work, I would put it into an enclosure and run it that way. It may be a pain to have it out and about instead of internal, but it's cheaper than a motherboard replacement. Consider a NAS enclosure if you go that route.
  3. I am guess that with the 32 M cache that the Seagate is a 7200.12 model.

    The 7200.11's had a lot of firmware problems.
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