Higher end motherboard or Low end motherboard with add on Graphics


I am sure this is pretty basic stuff for many experts on this site but I have been wondering about this since quite a long and would appreciate the help.

I want to build an HTPC which would be also used for some programming.

I am confused between two configurations which cost almost same :

1. Intel DG45ID which has the integrated graphics
2. Intel DG31PR and XFX graphics card with NVIDIA chipset 1GB GF 9400GT

Which one will be good for graphics performance?

In second combination I do not get HDMI but I do have D-SUB, DVI & S-Video; can I use them / combo with HDMI TV?

To view & record TV; I will need an additional card? or there are other similarly priced motherboard / graphics card which can do that for me?

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  1. The second is better. And yes, for view and record TV you need an additional card.
  2. saint19 said:
    The second is better. And yes, for view and record TV you need an additional card.

    Hello Saint19,

    Thanks for reply,

    Need one more input; the board data sheet says :

    "It also supports DDC2B compliant interface with Advanced Digital Display 2 card or Media
    Expansion Card (ADD2/MEC), support for TV-out/TV-in and DVI digital display connections.
    I think one can connect TV tuner card to MEC."

    So do I need an seperate TV tuner card to see TV or I can use this board itself for that?

  3. Sorry, my mistake, get the first one, is too much better, and try to install the graphic card that you said in the second.
  4. Hello,

    I would also like to know using this HTPC to watch and record TV, what kind of card is required for this? Are there any good motherboards / Graphics cards with tv tuner on them?

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